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Drilling range: 55-350 mm
Nominal power: 2600 W
Speeds: 3

Powerful core drilling machine with 32000W, robust design thanks to solid metal housing, 3-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication, overload clutch and oil pump, motor protection and soft start by Intellitronic.

⦁ High-performance, air-cooled motor with 3200 W
⦁ 3-speed-gear with oil bath lubrication, oil pump and overload clutch
⦁ Motor protection and soft start by means of the Intellitronic
⦁ Antifriction-Element for easy loosening of the drill bit
⦁ Tough and reliable design as a result of the full metal housing, compact design
⦁ Available with a higher revolution speed in the version DK32 S

DK32 DK32 S
Nominal power W 3200 3200
Output power W 2300 2300
Rated speed 1/min 230/460/720 300/590/930
Total length without handle 488 488
Weight without cable 11.9 11.9
Drilling Ø concrete c. 55 -350 35 - 250
Tool fixture 1.25 „UNC 1 1/4“ UNC
Foot fastening Standartinis 4 x M8 su grioveliu 10 x 4,3 Standartinis 4 x M8 su grioveliu 10 x 4,3

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