CM-10, CM-10AF, High power, high cycle core drilling motors with changeable gearboxes SG15, SG30, SG60 offer high performance, efficiency, productivity and reliability. The motors are based on KASKOD-MTRONIX ISRCdrive™ Technology and each product combines at least two core drill motors with single phase and 3-phase input power. There is no external inverter box needed! To connect to single phase or 3-phase power, only one adapter cable is required.

CM-10AF motor versions additionally include integrated autofeed and radio-remote control systems.
The CM-10AF motor versions can be supplied with three different interchangeable spindle gearbox units and pulley modules, so that the same motor could power a wire saw system.
⦁ Motors – based on KASKOD-MTRONIX ISRCdrive™ Technology. Long life and reliability are achieved by utilizing rigid design and best possible quality of materials. The motors are completely encapsulated with thermally conductive motor compound for good cooling, mechanical strength and moisture resistance.
⦁ High efficiency – over a wide speed range.
⦁ Very low maintenance – due to use of brushless motors without windings or magnets in the rotor and extremely rugged and simple construction.
⦁ Motor Protection – digital motor control system provides protection against overload, overheating and overvoltage.
⦁ Durable three-stage gearbox with changeable spindle ( SG15, SG30 or SG60) – ease of maintenance.
⦁ Reliable slip clutch – gearbox damage protection.
⦁ Wide input voltage range – the drill motor accepts a wide power voltage range:
⦁ Option 1 – Europe: single phase 230V, three phase 400V.
⦁ Option 2 – USA: split phase 240V, three phase 240V, 480V.
⦁ Option 3 – USA, Japan: single phase 110V, split phase 240V, three phase 200-240V.
⦁ Power Line monitor: indicates power voltage type, voltage level and missing phase.
⦁ Output Power Control Knob: wide range control of output power to prevent damage to core drill bits of small diameter.
⦁ Electronic system resistant to voltage surges – imprevious to frequency and voltage fluctuations.
⦁ Two mechanical gears + 17 electronic gears and Reverse – due to torque motor with a fixed mechanical gear, accepts drill bit diameter of up to 800mm (SG30), 1000mm (SG60).
⦁ Antilock coupling for drill bit – motor supplied with standard 1-1/4” spindle thread and with an Antilock coupling.
⦁ Very durable buttons and switches – made of metal, not sensitive to dirt and dust
⦁ Built-in compact EMC-filter – ensures very low electro-magnetic emission levels
⦁ Service – Integrated real time clock and hours counter which informs the operator about service time.
⦁ Built-in Autofeed System (AF-version) – complete system includes integrated 300W servo motor, electric water valve, power supply and two 2.4GHz radio communications channels. External Radio-remote control unit with high brightness sunlight readable display is used to control feed and drill motors in semi-automatic and automatic mode (“Smart Core Drilling System”). In manual mode the drill motor can be controlled with hand crank.
⦁ Durable metal case – made of extruded aluminum.
⦁ Drills with maximum efficiency with limited operator participation. Allows the operator to use several drilling machines at the same time.
⦁ Very rigid drill stand with extreme stability – can handle small and large drill bits.


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Drill bit diameter: max. 500 mm
Weight: 19,5 kg

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