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ATS 350 B 120
Exclusive use of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic makes the ATS masonry saw exceptionally light, sturdy, and virtually rust free. Suitable both for straight cuts and mitre cuts for angle cutting of bricks, stones, granite, marble, and natural stone plates up to 45

⦁ High quality low maintenance construction
⦁ Simple handling due to lightweight design
⦁ Stable and resilient aluminium frame with exact table design for precision stone cutting
⦁ Suitable for mitre cuts from 0° to 45°
⦁ Hand crank drive unit for consistent cutting feed
⦁ High stability of the saw head with ball bearing mounted stainless steel guidance system
⦁ Narrow saw blade cover allows for clear view of the cutting line
⦁ High-quality adjustable angle stop bracket
⦁ On/off switch with seperate emergency stop push button, user-friendly in a protected location
⦁ Adjustable table legs simplifi y transport
⦁ Set of wheels included for enhanced mobility at construction site

ATS 350 B 120
cutting depth at 90° max. 110 mm
cutting depth at 45° max. 80 mm
cutting depth with 2 runs max. 180 mm
cutting length 1200 mm
saw blade holder 25,4 mm
motor Output max. 2,2 kW, 3 AG, 50 Hz, 230 V
saw blade speed 2800 1 / min
dimensions (L/W/H) 1930/770/1350 mm
weight 86 kg

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