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DTS 1000

The ideal combination of the latest technology and a well-thought-out, user-oriented design make the DTS an all-round saw for daily use on construction sites. The innovative sawing technology and precise saw head guidance guarantee exact cuts, low saw blade wear and a high degree of stability of the saw head.

⦁ Low-maintenance construction fit for the building site
⦁ Excellent stable value and operational reliability
⦁ Exacting table layout for precision stone cutting
⦁ Fixed, distortion-free three point stability
⦁ Stable and resilient frame
⦁ Galvanised sawing table with imprinted scale
⦁ Table guidance profile and rollers made of durable, high-strength steel
⦁ Low equipment costs due to precise table guidance
⦁ Perfect saw blade cooling and immediate removal of sawing debris with the optimum water feed system
⦁ Easy to use and operate due to flexible loading and control elements in front
⦁ Easy removal of the water pump (e.g. for cleaning or to avoid freezing)
⦁ Water bath removable from the rear
⦁ Saw head is easily positioned for safe transport
⦁ Ease of manhandling with the front swivel roller, forklift pick-up points and lifting eyes.
⦁ Saw blade drive via a high performance chain in a totally enclosed low maintenance gearbox – no v-belts – no wear
⦁ Including LISSMAC diamond cut-off disc for bricks/lime stone (DTS 1000: Ø 900 mm)

ATS 450
cut depth series 150 mm
cut depth max. 150 mm
cut length 720 mm
saw blade Ø series 450 mm
saw blade Ø max. 450 mm
saw blade holder 25.4 mm
motor output 2.2 kW / 230 V
saw blade speed 1800 1/min
dimensions (L/W/H) 1340/620/1350 mm
weight 86 kg

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