Cord threaded rods, in Anchor, plates wing nuts and hex nuts are also
in the common designs always in stock.

Gaminio nr. Ilgis x jungtis x veržliarakčio dydis Grupė
K200M1225 Mounting screw 200 mm, M12, length 25 mm nut
K200M1240 Fastening screw 200 mm, M12, length 40 mm nut
K240M1280 Mounting bolt 240 mm, M12, length 80 mm nut
K250M1280 Mounting bolt 250 mm, M12, length 80 mm nut
Hexagon nut Hexagon nut SW 30 x 50 mm nut
BETOMAX15 Mounting bracket 15 LG 3000 mm knee-high
TF Flat nut 70 mm nut

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