Drilling tripod Profi Maxi MKII

High-quality, very stable and robust tripod with lightweight aluminum tripod. The tripod is equipped with quick coupling for quick mounting of the drill motor and angle adjustment

⦁ Prepared for the Profi Drive automatic drilling systems
⦁ Ergonomic placement of rear support and handles for transport
⦁ Standard wheelset
⦁ Built-in delay for drilling with minimum effort
⦁ Easy-to-replace adjustable feet
⦁ The quick coupling excels in its simplicity, with a simple movement the drill motor can be dismantled from the tripod within 5 seconds.
⦁ One handle fits all -> the user is able to operate the entire tripod with the control spindle. With this pendulum you can also mount and disassemble the quick coupling of the motor, as well as adjust both the adjustable legs and the angle adjustment.
⦁ The total weight of the new Profi Maxi MKII is more than 3 kg less than the old variant because the stainless steel has been replaced by a special high-quality plastic.

Gręžimo stovas Profi Maxi MKII
Weight 20 kg
Max drill diameter 400 mm
Changing the angle <45 °

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