Drilling stand Profi Extra

High quality, professional, very stable and sturdy stand with lightweight aluminum column and metal anchor for anchorage. The stand is equipped with a coupling for quick installation of the motor. Maximum drill bit 600mm.

Weight: 25kg

⦁ Does not fall over with mounted drill (without drill)
⦁ Adjustable anchor plate
⦁ Easy-to-replace adjustable feet
⦁ Prepared for Joker automatic drilling systems
⦁ Ergonomic placement of rear support and handles for transport
⦁ Standard wheelset
⦁ Built-in delay for drilling with minimum effort
⦁ Dovetail joint for drill motor for quick (dis) assembly
⦁ Accurate roll guide over strips mounted on aluminum column
⦁ Everything can be adjusted and (dis) assembled with few tools

Gręžimo stovas Profi Extra
Weight 25 kg
Max drill diameter 600 mm
Changing the angle <45 °

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