Diamond Hand Saw
Diamond hand saw for cuts in concrete and masonry up to 165 mm deep, water-cooled high-frequency motor with 3700W, guide rail for long cuts as accessories.

⦁ Very powerful, water-cooled high frequency motor
⦁ High performance – compact design, low weight
⦁ Completely closed blade guard
⦁ Gear with oil bath lubrication
⦁ Splash water proof according IP 55
⦁ By-pass valve for dry cutting
⦁ Ergonomic design of the handle
⦁ Profile rail for long cuts as accessory

Rated voltage V 230
Nominal power W 3700
Output power W 2800
Cutting depth mm 165
Saw blade Ø mm 400
Speed 1/mm 2600
Weight kg 8.5
Mounting hole mm 20 / 15,85 (5/8")

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