Rooftop entry fast

⦁ For core drill motors <2.5 KW
⦁ Very fast drilling through the steel
⦁ “Arrow Start” segment (segment with rooftop profile)
⦁ Reinforced concrete (all types of aggregates)
⦁ Excellent price / life / speed ratio
⦁ Very fast and accurate start-up ( no need to guide the drill at start-up) thank to the limited surface in contact with the material
⦁ Heigh 9 mm with backing layer.
⦁ Possible dry drilling
⦁ Segment ideal for laser welding or for retipping when it is recessed in the tube

Ø Height of segment Segment width
37-44 9 3
49-55 9 35
56-62 9 3.5
63-72 9 3.5
73-86 9 3.5
87-108 9 3.5
109-147 9 3.5
109-147 9 4
148-235 9 4

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