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airocoll FL
All purpose putty for the stone and marble industry. Well suited as an adhesive or mending material of marble plates. AIROCOLL FL can be polished and is weather resistant. Available in the colours jura yellow, jura yellow light, white and transparent.
FL Quickkitt
This putty was specially designed for works on polishing machines. The extremely short hardening time permits an optimal utilization of the polishing machine. Easy sanding and high gloss finish after polishing. Available in the colours jura yellow light and jura yellow dark.
Airocoll S
Stone cement which can be applied by a spatula for use on vertical surfaces and repair of damaged edges. AIROCOLL S can be tinted with iron oxide pigments and is available in the colours jurayellow, jurayellow light, white, graygreen and transparent.
airocoll E + spachtelbar
Weather-resistant 2c glue based upon epoxy resins. Ideal for filling cracks and joints on stone, artificial stone and marble as well as for sandwich adhesions, general gluing works and casting of reinforcements. AIROCOLL E is fluid and can be coloured. Excellent adhesion on stone, artificial stone, marble and metal Airocoll E liquid: transparent (can be tinted) and jurayellow / Airocoll E for knife-application: jurayellow

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