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800 E
The COMPACTCUT 800 is not only extraordinarily
powerful, while featuring exceptional technology, it is
also extremely versatile and can be used even in the
tightest of construction sites.

⦁ Particularly compact design Frequency inverter allows for stepless adjustment of speed settings from 700 to 2,700 rpm. That allows the optimum speed to be adjusted for any saw blade diameter.
⦁ Smooth raising and lowering of the saw blade prevents its damage.
⦁ Well organized, ergonomic arrangement of the instruments
⦁ Saw hood front can be raised for cutting all the way to wall or other obstacle
⦁ Patented flush-fitting system for cutting along walls, with 800 mm wall-gliding-saw hood (optional). Flush-fitting mounting of saw blade. Flush-fitting cutting along walls in accordance with all current machine operating and C-norm guidelines
⦁ Parallel guidance of saw hood
⦁ Rear wheel is located outside the saw path, to facilitate recutting of joints when necessary
⦁ LISSMAC’s swivel arm technology provides a saw arm that pivots by 180 degrees, allowing for quick changeover from left to right-hand cutting, with minimal down time
⦁ A low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution between the axes ensure stability and precise tracking
⦁ The stepless electric drive system, and the saw blade lowering and raising functions, are independent of the motor.
⦁ They are powered by two maintenance-free GEL batteries, that are charged by the machine’s internal generator
⦁ Standard features include parking brake, water conserving flange spraying system, and cutting depth display
⦁ Softstart limits the power at start-up to avoid tripping of the main fuse.

cutting depth (max.) 420mm (520mm)
saw blade Ø (max.) 1000mm (1200mm)
saw blade holder 25.4 mm (6 x M8 - TK125)
output power max. 400 V / 50 Hz
saw blade speed 700-2700 1/min
dimensions (L/W/H 1170/785/1120 mm
weight 466 kg

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