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A strong and versatile wall saw with 4 gears for maximum power and torque. Max blade: Ø 2000 mm Max cutting depth: 915 mm Max output power: 22 kW

Technical strengths

High power and reliability
The Pentruder wall saws are powered by very powerful HF-motors. They all have very efficient cooling, high torque and are built by the best materials for reliability and a long lifetime. Reliable 400 Hz technology ensures a very reliable motor, long life of the bearings and no need for frequent maintenance.
Slip clutch protects your machine
If the saw blade jams, the slip clutch prevents the inertia of the HF-rotor to destroy the gears in the transmission. The rotor inertia will want to keep on turning the rotor, and to stop the rotor from 13.000 rpm to a dead stop in a fraction of a second is just not possible. The speed of the rotor must be reduced gradually and this is taken care of by the slip clutch.
Robust connectors
The connector housings are made in-house from high strength aluminium. At service the connector inserts can be replaced with hand tools.
Quick disconnect blade flange coupling
Quick disconnect blade flange coupling for radial mounting of the saw blade. The saw blade can be fitted to the saw head even after the machine has been mounted, also for flush cutting
Robust and lightweight build
Lightweight saw head built from aircraft quality components machined from solid aluminium. No castings are used.
Versatile track system
User friendly track system saves a lot of time and trouble when setting up the machine. With swiveling foots you only need to set up once in each corner when for example cutting a door opening.

Start blade max diameter 1000 mm (40.0")
Mechanical gears 4
Max size HF Motor 27 kW (37 HP)
Has detachable motor Taip
Quick change blade coupling Taip
Weight saw head 25.5 Kg
Weight recommended HF Motor 18.0 Kg

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Max. Blade: Ø 1600 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 665 mm
Maximum output power: 22 kW
Single-speed gearbox

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