Diamond core drill for stone tiles


Installing a bathtub or other room can not always be done without drilling, and in the case of tile drilling, choosing the right tools is essential. The drilling crowns for stone tiles must always be selected according to the diameter and depth of the holes to be drilled, the method to be used for drilling (wet or dry), and so on. It may also be important to know what the drill crown manufacturer is (which can guarantee the quality and durability of this product) and, of course, what its cost is. Thus, when selecting such goods, it is always important to evaluate whether they meet all of the above criteria.


⦁ The first thing you will need to do is select the right drilling equipment. Only if the right crowns for stone tiles and the right drilling tool are selected can you expect a truly aesthetic result. When drilling tiles, there is always a chance of breakage, so to avoid this, it is best to use an impact drill with off;
⦁ Mark the area where the cavity is to be drilled. It is also possible to set the drilling depth – you can do this by sticking a tape on the drill or otherwise marking the drilling depth limits;
⦁ If you need to drill quite a few holes, it is important to periodically cool the drill. This will help ensure a longer drill life. You can chill the drill by immersing it in a container with water;
⦁ If the tiles are glazed, then it is necessary to make cuts in the drilling areas. This is because the tile glaze is much harder than the tile itself and may leave unwanted marks on high speed drilling. Notches can be made using a hard metal drill (the same can be done if you want to drill a quality hole on the metal surface);
⦁ If you need to drill holes in the center of the tile, it is advisable to use a centering drill.

You can rest assured that crown stone masonry tiles will ensure quick and quality work, so all you have to do is just pick a quality product. If you have any questions or concerns, you can simply consult with the vendors who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.