Cutting Blades: how to choose the right one?



Cutting discs are divided into several main groups: diamond, abrasive and wood cutting discs. Each type of disk has its own purpose, so it is important to pay attention when choosing the right disk. So what do each of these types of disks have in common, and what is it important to pay attention to?


Diamond blades are best suited for cutting minerals such as concrete, bricks, stucco, stones, and so on. These discs can be universal or can be used to cut specific materials. If there are predetermined materials to cut, it is more preferable to choose special discs that are suitable for cutting specific materials rather than universal.


These blades are commonly used for cutting various metals, but they are also sometimes used for stone cutting. Most often, abrasive discs are made of artificial metals such as carborundum, boron carbide, and the like. Modern abrasive wheels are made of extremely durable materials that can withstand high speeds. Unlike diamond blades, abrasive blades release a lot of spark.


Such blades are intended for sawing wood, various plywood, furniture boards, and so on. These blades usually cost less than diamonds and abrasives.
What is important to pay attention to?

• The diameter of the cutting blade is one of the most important criteria – it must fit the type of equipment used;
• The manufacturer of the cutting blades is also an important criterion, as the quality of the purchased product will depend on it. Unclear manufacturers’ output should be avoided as it may not only prove to be unsatisfactory but may also accelerate the wear of cutting equipment;
• The blade teeth are adapted for cutting certain materials, so consider their density;
• Price is also a fairly important criterion, so you can look at how different manufacturers’ prices vary and what prices are charged by different vendors.

If in doubt about what to choose, you can simply consult with your blade dealers. You can be assured that they will advise you on what to choose in a given case and will also be able to answer any questions you may have. You will be sure that choosing the blades is not as difficult as it may seem at first, and you will always find the right products.