About Us

For the last 15 years Ltd. “DISSTONAS sells industrial diamond tools for the construction, glass and stone industry. Represents and sells world famous brands products: Lissmac, Eiche, Kern, BST-Handels, Projahn, Stella, Tudee, Winterstone, Carbodiam, Diacom, Airo-Chemie,  production. Also provides service for the cutting disc (400 mm to 3500 mm) drill bit (from 6 mm to 1200 mm).

Our partners:

Winterstone GmbH”-Germany;


Eiche “GmbH-Germany;

“Lissmac GmbH”-Germany;

Kern GmbH”-Germany;


Diaquip”- United Kingdom;

Stella” s.r.l -Italy;

Tu-Dee”- South Korea;

“BST Handels GmbH”-Germany


The company provides professional consultation on tool selection and restoration issues.